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Highlights History of EnergyRe

EnergyRe Boost Shared Value

EnergyRe articulates its Boost Shared Value approach to business for the first time, and launches its Facultative Obligatory Plan and Facultative Plan to further develop sustainable supply chains in Reinsurance Business. While strengthening its position in Facultative traditional segments, Treaty formula and frozen market, EnergyRe strengthens its focus on  Oil and Gas Reinsurance.



EnergyRe articulates its Boost Shared Value approach to doing business, whereby any action for shareholders must also create value for the Insurance Company where it operates and wider society.
Our history begins in 2011, with the foundation of the Facultative Traditional Reinsurance. Mr Sonny Danandjojo develops a breakthrough Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I) in 2011, and in 2012 the company he founded merges with Association Brokers Insurance and Reinsurance (ABAI), form what is now known as the APPARINDO. During this period Reinsurance Placement grow and famous of Facultative Traditional and rates of OJK bring down commodity, spurring international trade in consumer risk placement.


A growing focus on Oil and Gas leads EnergyRe to the acquire Liability Reinsurance Facility from Liberty Insurance. It also Mr Choki and Mr Rahmat Sahap joint with EnergyRe created facility Land Rig Reinsurance and Asia Reinsurance Market concern Sources.


The first EnergyRe Join in Singapore Insurance and Reinsurance Conference in Marina Baysand Singapore 2013 (SIRC 2013) with Mr Sony Danandjojo (Director of EnergyRe 2012 - 2016) brings together Reinsurance experts to discuss global Insurance challenges in the areas of Oil and Gas Insurance Business development, and the role of business in helping to solve them. The Singapore Insurance and Reinsurance Conference becomes an biennial event. 


EnergyRe Insurance Science and the EnergyRe Land Rig Facility Sciences are established, to research science-based Oil and Gas products aimed at preventing and risk. EnergyRe becomes the first Reinsurance company to work with the Land Rig Facility by Trust Reinsurance, to help tackle Wahana Tata Insurance and Tripakarta Insurance labour in the Facility Facoblig supply chain.


Mr Achmad Hilmy AAAI-K joint us and Using abundant supplies of expertise in EnergyRe, they apply knowledge gained in their homeland to establish Asia’s first production facility for Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I) and Reinsurance Construction with the Mr Achmad Hilmy. They start Placement Lloyd’s Underwriter by the Singapore Insurance and Reinsurance Conference (SIRC 2015) with the product under the Eagle Ocean Marine, SwisRe and Trust Reinsurance brand, marketing it as a safe, long-life alternative to Construction Risk.


Falling benefit and high operational cost levels lead to the first, and only ever, financial loss for EnergyRe in 2015 - 2016. Ex-Marketing Director Tugu Pratama Indonesia Mr Adi Sofyadi joins as President Director, and encourages the company to appoint professional Treaty Manager Mr Wahyu Indramurti for the first time. Administration is centralised, and research is consolidated at one the company's budget plan in Pomelotel Hotel Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 

A competitive market for Reinsurance in Indonesia encourages EnergyRe to innovate by launching Facultative Obligatory, Libility Reinsurance, FLEXAS Facilities, Treaty Reinsurance, Retro Business, Facultative Traditional, in the year. Facultative Traditional are a major selling point for risk products in the 2017s, and EnergyRe launches Cyber Risk Reinsurance, Credit Reinsurance, Financial Risk Reinsurance in next year.

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